Coronavirus Response FAQ

1)   How will this affect Sunday services?

a.      We are following the directives from the state of Indiana, which currently limits gatherings to 50 people. We will not be holding Sunday services, and are reevaluating on a weekly basis.

b.      In addition, the CDC has pointed all Americans to President Trump’s recent public statement (President’s Coronavirus Guidelines For America) at, which limits public gatherings to no more than 10.

c.      We have moved our Sunday services online. The service will start at 10am Sunday morning. You can access the service here, or by searching for "Living Gospel Church" on Facebook. There is no need to have a Facebook account to watch the live-stream. Check the live-stream link Saturday for a playlist of worship songs, passages to read, and questions to consider for Sunday morning’s topic.

2)   How will this affect Wednesday evening services?

Until further notice Youth Group and Bible Explorers/Satellites are canceled. Again, we will follow the directives from the state of Indiana and reevaluate each week.

3)   How will this affect our small group ministries?

a.      We are asking each small group to discuss among one another just how comfortable they are to meet. Please show grace to one another as some have differing thresholds of comfort.

b.      Also, please use wisdom and basic preventative measures (washing of hands, social distance; etc…) if you choose to meet.

4) How will this affect our Stewardship Campaign?

Effective immediately, the stewardship campaign is put on hold. All meetings will be rescheduled at a later date.

5)   How can I continue to give to the church?

a.      We recently set up the ability to give online through our church website. Please click the “Give” link at Note: There is a percentage fee involved with online giving, but that fee is smaller if giving from a bank account verses giving with a credit card.

b.      Although we are not gathering together, ministries will continue to go on through Living Gospel Church, and your faithful giving will allow our church family to function as a light and anchor during these uncertain times. 

c.      The church doors will remain open Tuesday through Friday from 8:00-4:00. If you are stopping by church to give, please contact one of the pastors prior to your visit.

d.      You are free to use the mail slot on ‘Pastor’s Office’ door (West side of building) to drop off your offering at any time. 

e.      A free option is to set up a “bill pay” from your personal banking website. Your bank will then send a check to the church.

6)   How can we be involved in caring for our congregation?

a.      Our top priority is making sure our church family is cared for (Gal 6:9-10). It has been overwhelming to see the out-pour of care and concern for one another, especially those in our congregation that are most vulnerable. 

b.      We have started a childcare ministry for those in our congregation that are in need of emergency childcare due to schools closing or quarantine. If you are in need or interested in helping out, please contact Dan (574-354-2247) or Morgan Slabaugh (574-910-2355).

c.      We have started a delivery ministry for those in our congregation that are unable to be out in public. If you are unable to be out in public and could use someone to deliver groceries/medicine or other supplies, please contact Makena Mast (574-226-5898). If you are willing to be a delivery driver please contact Makena as well.

d.      We strongly encourage everyone to be checking up on each other. Remember, our church directory is online, so everyone’s contact information is easily accessible to our church family. If you are not in the directory, contact Pastor Jim at

7)   What is Living Gospel doing to reach out to our community?

a.      We have been in daily contact with local government officials, and are prepared to help in whatever way that is requested. In addition, the Nappanee Ministerial Association is keeping their ear to the ground for any immediate needs. At this time, the needs are limited, however we anticipate this changing as the days/weeks go on. As they arise, we will make you aware of service opportunities.

b.      We encourage everyone to reach out to their neighbors to care for one another, most importantly by sharing the hope of the gospel with those around us. Here is a helpful handout we encourage you to personalize and distribute to your neighbors, being considerate of social constraints. Click HERE to download.

c.      If applicable, please check on and care for any elderly parents or neighbors.

8)   How do I stay connected while we are unable to gather?

We are blessed to live in a time where we are able to connect via social media and other digital means. Here are some ways to stay informed and connected:

a.     Check the CORONAVIRUS tab on our website often as it will be updated regularly.

b.     Church Text List: Enter this number: 81010 and text this message: @lgcprayer2 Please contact Pastor Peter at if you have any questions.

c.     Facebook Page: We will be using this page to live-stream our services every Sunday.

d.     Band App: This is a closed social media group (similar to Facebook) where we as a church family can share devotionals, prayer requests, and encourage one another. Sign up here

e.     Church Directory: Click here to find out how to download the app, where our church directory lives. If you have have questions concerning the directory please contact Pastor Jim at

f.     RightNow Media: We continue to partner with RightNow Media to offer tens of thousands of bible studies, conference videos, and kids programming ABSOLUTELY FREE! Whether you are a member, regular attender, or visitor, we would live to offer this service to you totally free, without any strings attached. It is a great resource to take advantage of while we are cooped up at home! Click here to sign up

9)   How can I be praying during this time?

a.      Our God is faithful and true (Rev 19:11). He is Good and Sovereign, this does not take Him by surprise, so as we pray, remember who we are praying to, and pray with boldness, joy, and confidence.

b.      Be praying that our church family might be a light to the world around us. “A frightened world needs a fearless church.” AW Tozer

c.      Be praying for those in our congregation that are most vulnerable, that the Lord would guard and keep them in Christ Jesus.

d.      Pray that our brothers and sisters here and around the world will be encouraged to faithfully follow Christ during this time (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

e.      Pray for church leaders as we seek to shepherd the church through this season. May we do so with wisdom, boldness, compassion, and faithfulness.

f.       Pray that Jesus’ name will be glorified through this trial, and that He would use us, His blood bought children, to make His glory known!