Mission and Values

Everything we do at Living Gospel Church is purposed on this mission statement:

God calls his people at Living Gospel Church to make disciples through Exalting Him, Encouraging one another, Exercising our gifts and Evangelizing the lost.  

Exalting Him

We serve a God that is worthy to be praised! Every time we gather together, whether for church on Sundays, small groups, midweek meetings, kid's programs, or anything else, we will lift up the name of Jesus and worship Him!

Encouraging One Another

Over a dozen times in scripture we are told that encouragement is a mark of thriving church relationships. We believe that encouraging one another takes place when we spend time sharing life together as a family of believers. This is why we offer so many different small group opportunities. Check them out under the "Connect" tab!

Exercising Our Gifts

God has given each of His children spiritual gifts! These gifts are given with a very specific purpose, to strengthen the local church! (1 Cor 12:7, 12-31) We believe strongly that a healthy church is one where each member is given the responsibility to exercise their gifts for the good of the church and to the glory of God. Contact us about how you might get involved!

Evangelizing the Lost

The gospel is the greatest message that has ever been heard; that Jesus Christ came into this broken and fallen world in order to rescue us from the penalty of our sins. He died on the cross, in our place, so that we might have eternal life in Him. All this comes through faith alone in Jesus!

This saving message is given to us, God's people, and He calls and equips us to tell the world the good news of Jesus! We do this by equipping and encouraging one another to share the gospel with our family and friends.

We also are a church that cares deeply about the world, so we partner with 20 different individuals and organizations that are bringing the gospel to people groups around the globe. We celebrate these relationships at our annual missions conference.